The Digital Village


Technical Advisory Board

TDV's projects depend on a keen and up-to-date understanding of present and future technological issues. We have therefore created a board of technology advisers, each of whom is a key figure in his field.

Technology Partners

TDV's development projects are produced at TDV's London studios, which house state of the art hardware and software.

Production Partners

Several of TDV's products are developed as co-publishing arrangements with leading publishing and distribution companies.

Legal & Financial Partners

Olswang have been our lawyers since TDV launched in Autumn 1994. Olswang specialises in corporate, commercial, property and litigation advice to the media, communications, entertainment and technology sectors in the UK and overseas. They were voted LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR in June 1998. They too are based in Covent Garden.

KPMG are TDV's auditors.

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