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Problems with
date: 31 Dec 1999

Due to domain name problems, some of our users might still be experiencing problems getting on to at the moment. This is due to a technical problem beyond TDV's control. It also happens to be completely un-y2k related.

Our servers are still working happily - you can visit the site on but all the graphics are messed up, and you can't post anything.

The problem has been resolved, but due to its nature, it can take some time for the fix to propagate over the whole of the internet. Most people should no longer be experiencing problems, but they might linger for the unlucky few for another few hours.

The technically competent who are really desperate can resolve the problem by specifying in their hosts file to be and to be However, you should be aware that if you do this, it will only be valid until the problem has been sorted out, after which time, the entries should be removed from your hosts file. We won't give instructions on how to do this, because if you're not technically confident you probably shouldn't be messing with system settings.


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