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I never know how to start these things -- it's like being made to stand up on the first day of school and "tell people a little bit about yourself." You know the whole class is going to think you're a snob if you say how brilliant your life is, how great your parents are, and how you went to Disneyland five times before the age of 4. Then again, proving you have a normal life can be more of a curse because "normal" is the one thing everyone's trying not to be. Well, forgive this digression back to kindergarten -- I hope the later years will make up for it.

I'm Canadian, and if that doesn't say it all, you haven't met many Canadians. I was born in Toronto but grew up in Cornwall, Ontario (fondly known as the armpit of Ontario). I led I'm afraid your ordinary childhood with all the attendant neuroses. When it came time to decide what I wanted to do as far a further education is concerned (not what they tell you in the ladies washroom at the high school dance), I chose Hospitality and Leisure (more leisure than hospitality!). I went to George Brown College for Hotel Management.

In my first year of college I realised that I could sit in front of the Student Union television for eight hours straight watching soap operas and still get an education of sorts. The second year I was taught how to break a chicken in half and de-bone it, the third year I learned how to make a cocktail in 30 seconds flat, and the final year I realised I made a big mistake on my career choice.

But, ever the optimist, I came to London, England to work in the front office of some lovely four-star hotels in Knightsbridge -- thinking if I had to do this job, I might as well start off in a place known for its manners and etiquette. ("Manners and etiquette -- could be cockney slang for something like "behead it"!)

Well to cut a long story short and to allow you to get onto the more interesting people in the company, I ended up working as an accountant and am presently a production accountant at The Digital Village. TDV has given me a wide scope of experience. One bit of which was learning to do this web page -- links and all. (Sophie's jealous because she thinks it only took me a few minutes. Actually it took me most of the day, but the less she knows, the better.) Now, I did ask Tim to check this over -- more for humour than technical glitches -- but as you can see from Tim's page sarcasm and humour run a very fine line.

Right, now I'll let you go and cruise the rest of the web site and not spend your time admiring my witty, refreshing repartee.




P.S. Sorry, forgot the required information: I love travel (especially if someone else is paying), cooking (when someone else is slaving over the hot stove) and shopping (best of all with my husband's money).



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