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The explosion of public interest in the Internet and other associated new media products and services is well documented. So, until recently, was the relative lack of profits of most companies, large and small, attempting to exploit these opportunities. A principal reason for this lack of return has been that most companies founded over the last decade to apply new media technologies to the businesses of entertainment and education were founded and run by specialists in technology, not specialists in media; i.e. people trained and experienced in the business of developing technologies rather than applications for those technologies. A secondary reason was that the market was in fact quite small. The platforms have been immature (confusing, slow and hard to use for non-technically-minded people), and the content software frequently shallow. A lot of hat and no rabbit.

All this is now changing. Recently we have seen the rise of companies creating products and services that are actually working, actually selling, actually starting to match the hugely optimistic predictions that have been made for these new media. They are run by business people, who understand both the complexities of this young growing industry, and the problems of small company growth. They understand the technology, they understand the communications issues, and they track the emerging markets very carefully. They also have good ideas. TDV is one such company.

The ability of the Directors to generate income in the traditional media sectors combines with an innate understanding of the development of the various new technologies to offer the possibility of creating new media experiences that excite, emote, and entertain large audiences.

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