Douglas Adams travelled to the remote island of Komodo in search of dragons, equipped only with a zoologist, a BBC producer and a dead goat. From May 5th to May 9th 1997 he read his account of what happened on BBC Radio 4. Here you can find the text of his readings and a selection of the pictures taken during the expedition.

Part 1 - Snakes Part 2 - Bali Part 3 - Labuan Bajo Part 4 - Looking for Dragons Part 5 - Goat Surprise

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Some nonsense and extraordinary noises as Douglas gets it wrong - out-takes from the recording (RealAudio format, 90k file)

Dr Struan Sutherland imparts some vital advice about snakes (RealAudio format, 105k file)

Try out Douglas' Megapode Program (Macintosh Hypercard Stack, 200K)

The music used on the broadcast is a track called RED LADY TOO from the 1968 album 'Wonderwall Music by George Harrison'. It's on the Apple label (no relation...) UK: SAPCOR 1; CDP 7 98706 2. It's an obscure album (though I think it's safe to assume that Noel Gallagher has heard of it), and was the soundtrack to a movie directed by Joe Massot. For more info on the CD, see or

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